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Photo by Lisa Frieling

Shlohmo, Gold Panda, Amon Tobin, and James Blake elements inspire and are reflected in Australian producer and singer Nicholas Murphy’s music. The 26-year-old combines his efforts into a chill package of electronic, indie, soul, rhythm, blues, and definitely sex that he calls Chet Faker. In fact my first thought before even hearing his vocals was, ‘this is going on my music-to-make-love-to playlist: The Kelly Sessions.’ And then when I heard lyrics like “The shit we do could warm the sun,” I knew he was a keeper. Well actually, he had me when I saw his killer red beard. But back to the music: his viral cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” is a great introduction for any new listeners on how he uses his turtle paced voice to dominate over his staple keyboard/piano, drum machine, and synthesizers.

After that, work your way through a couple of his extended plays, especially Thinking in Textures, and this year’s full album Built on Glass. The award winner’s main shtick is his mumble-singing that works well with pliable beats. Faker is still experimenting with what he wants to sound like, and that’s okay. In fact, the B-side of Built on Glass is riddled with sounds that set him up so he can take his next album in new directions—especially the electronic sector. He gives the aficionados what they want without sacrificing originality. »

– Kelly Kovl