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James Supercave

James Supercave

Photo by Anastasia Velicescu

Live in Portland September 18, 2018 | Holocene

James Supercave could not fit into any box you want to put them in, even if they allowed you to. Whereas many bands today follow up the same genre-stream of what’s already working, the Echo Park-based psych-pop four-piece goes completely, and unapologetically, against that current. Take their track, “Get Over Yourself,” for example.

So what sets them apart? It’s a combination of things, but most of all it’s frontman Joaquin Pastor’s meticulous and overwhelming attention to detail/borderline perfectionism and the band’s truthful messages via their lyrics. They aren’t pushing any agenda, they’re being themselves, which is a bold move in a world where being yourself isn’t always recommended by society. They are perfectly representing imperfect emotions through their music. Maybe it’s in part due to the fact that a strong sense of social and self-consciousness is shared among the LA group.

Long before the 2016 release of their debut LP Better Strange, James Supercave had a devoted following. Leading up to the release of their debut record, the guys had already been touring and supporting acts such as Warpaint and Future Islands, as well as working with Gus Seyffert, who has produced and engineered artists like Beck and Michael Kiwanuka.

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As if their music wasn’t enough already, the creativity and quality of their music videos adds another intricate layer to their work. Their videos play off of their truthful themes. “The Right Thing,” and title-track “Better Strange” both scream to listeners that being yourself may not be the easiest thing or the mainstream thing to do, but you will feel a refreshing sense of liberation when you do finally let go of social expectations and allow yourself to be, dare I say, weird.

With a new single, “Something To Lose,” out earlier this year and a (late) summer tour in effect this September, it’s safe to say we’ve got a lot more to look forward to from James Supercave.