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Le Butcherettes

Le Butcherettes

Photo by Lyndsey Byrnes

Live in Portland May 16, 2018 | Wonder Ballroom

A powerful and ominous energy exudes throughout the anthology of Le Butcherettes. Since Teri Gender Bender (vocals/guitar) started the band in 2007 they have been making lasting marks that inevitably leave scars. Getting their start in Guadalajara, Le Butcherettes’ provocative approach, playing shows with stage theatrics–including ‘50s fashion and various props such as an apron soaked with fake blood and even a real pig head–has gained them acclaim in Mexico’s underground punk scene and beyond. This power pop/punk rock expression has found the band opening up for the likes of Yeah Yeah Yeahs in 2010–a great match as the two groups are seemingly sister bands, Le Butcherettes definitely being the darker of the two, but the power between them must have been an experience.

Their 2015 release A Raw Youth found the group creating a sadistic and depraved collaboration with punk rock legend Iggy Pop on the track “La Uva.”

This month finds Le Butcherettes supporting the visceral hardcore group Hot Snakes at the Wonder Ballroom. Just imagining the explosive energy of these two bands makes adrenaline course through my veins. Notable bands that the two founders of Hot Snakes were involved with before they joined up in 2005 include Pitchfork and Rocket From The Crypt, two bursting and smoldering bands from the ‘90s and early 2000s.

Le Butcherettes have been doing the road thing and in the interim recording new tracks. The newest addition that has been released is their single “spider/WAVES” in 2018. Their last main release was in 2015, but they haven’t lost their drive, producing this seductive yet maniacal and terrifyingly beautiful track. The vocals twist and tear while provoking a sense of anger and sweet style.

This show is for danger-seekers and unsuspecting, vulnerable bystanders. Be careful, this one has the potential to tear it all down.