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Photo by Tito Fuentes

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Surprise! It’s actually yesterday. If you thought time was linear, think again. Time really is a flat circle and this will all happen again. If you ever find yourself yearning for the bull markets and coke parties of the eighties but want to avoid all the hair and jackets and shoulder pads, then let Rey Pila show you the way. This synth-heavy pop group will take your hand and guide you to the promised land of yesteryear and then turn you around to face your uncertain near future. The music of today has been trending backwards towards simpler eras for some time now, and Rey Pila is poised at the apex. Coming soon to a theatre near you—The Breakfast Club II: Out To Lunch.

Originally the solo project of Mexico City native Diego Solorzano, this ethereal, historical revisitation is both nostalgic and modern in its approach. At first it sounds so hip that you feel compelled to pretend that you like it, but after a few short moments you will find that you actually do. This excellent mix of electronica and moody guitar pop makes for great music to walk around to. Go on a long enough stroll and you may just find that the amount of creepy romance in the lyrics compliments the music perfectly.

As far as the live performance goes, Solorzano’s stage presence approaches legendary status. Sometimes too much reverb has a tendency to produce an obviously false bravado. In this instance it’s the bravado that is obvious and the reverb only accentuates it. Get ready to dance your ass off and time travel into the future via the past with this band. Rey Pila knows that what’s next is what’s already been, only in a different way. Time is a flat circle and this will all happen again. Feeling like a kid again never felt so adult. It’s not a bad thing. Just let it happen. Batteries not included. »

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– Aaron Mills