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Jackrabbit is the ideal namesake for San Fermin‘s sophomore release, with unpredictable twists and turns in instrumentals and arrangements that keep the listener on their ever-tapping toes. San Fermin is the brainchild of Ellis Ludwig-Leone, the compositional force that moves these songs past predictability. After graduating from Yale, Ludwig-Leone assisted on several film scores and operas, experiences which clearly influenced the songs on Jackrabbit. While maintaining a cohesive sound throughout the album, each song varies enough to hold a new treasure at every turn. Featuring more than 20 musicians, including Ludwig-Leon’s partners-in-crime, Allen Tate, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig of Lucius, Jackrabbit has enough varied content to cast a wide net, while not losing any quality. Just when you think you’ve tapped into an indie rock groove, you’re seamlessly whipped into an instrumental pop rock breakdown. It’s more invigorating than the tilt-a-whirl, with considerably less nausea.

Ludwig-Leone doesn’t pander to simple sensibilities. If you’re looking for a cookie cutter indie rock album, Jackrabbit is not for you. I found it best to check my anticipation, as I never did end up where I thought I would in any particular track. 

As San Fermin continues to tour in the form of a tight eight-piece, one wonders how the sound will evolve next. Dramatics notwithstanding, Jackrabbit is sure to pique your interest, whether you find it to be your particular cup of tea. »

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– Stephanie Scelza