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Video Premiere: Lorain – “All That Much”

Video Premiere: Lorain – “All That Much”


“Sometimes you gotta walk out on yourself” goes a line in “All That Much,” one of the debut tracks from Portland’s newly reborn Lorain. If there’s any line that exemplifies the transformation this group of musicians has undergone recently, it’s this one. After performing under the name Grand Lake Islands for the past five years, lead singer Erik Emanuelson decided it was time for a change.

“We wanted to build something from the ground up” he says. “Grand Lake Islands was a name for me and a revolving cast of musicians. Yet, for the past couple years, I’ve been collaborating with the same people, and they’ve had a lot to do with writing process.”

They formed Lorain after teaming up with musician Robin Bacior, deciding on a name that holds significance for each member of the band and reflects the collaborative nature of their newest project. The video for “All That Much,” shot as a live studio recording, is meant to be a temporal documentation of this new journey. The tune is rolling, yet warm and ethereal, with echoes of Nashville Skyline twinkling throughout. The lyrics explore the monotony that can bog down even our most beloved pursuits, as well as the hope and pain that comes with having to press the reset button.

With this release the band is laying the groundwork for a full-length album, which they hope to record in early spring. In the meantime you should try to catch them live if you can, because you won’t want to miss your chance to see what these seasoned musicians have in store.»

– Crystal Contreras