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Video Premiere – Night Heron “Dreamz (Live)”

Video Premiere – Night Heron “Dreamz (Live)”

Coming into the world again after a long pandemic fog—when live music was rare and time stood still—Night Heron captures the essence of a dream in their live studio video, “Dreamz.” At first glance, they all stand in shadow—illuminated by a blue wall—their mysterious silhouettes presenting a unified band: Sara Bedau (Vocals/Synth), Grace Bugbee (Vocals/Bass), Tyler Vergin (Drums), Andy Lawson (Vocals/Synth), and Cameron Spies (Vocals/Guitar). Then the wave of sound rocks and splashes of pink, glowing on the faces of a soft croon: “I couldn’t go/ I couldn’t stay.”

Night Heron was born just after the birth of Spies and Bedau’s daughter in 2018. The couple started the project after Spies left his former band, Radiation City, in start of something new. Spies began writing music, gathering other local talent from the likes of Y La Bamba, Reptaliens, Nicole McCabe, and Aan.

“Dreamz” itself feels like a fresh start and a lullaby, with a live performance that’s delicate and sweet—a refreshing take on a studio live session. Simple, yet elegant, the team is unified with a soft symphony of synth sound that’s perfect for putting on the turntable and cuddling up to.

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The video was filmed, directed and edited by Jesse Bettis of New Move Media at Desert Island Studios with lighting by Kyle Moore. Keep an eye out for more on Literal Gold Records and be sure to catch Night Heron at Mississippi Studios on September 19 with Reptaliens and M A N E.