ethan martin

Aldous Harding

Kiwi songwriter Aldous Harding represents the best of modern folk with aching and melancholy. She opens for Deerhunter Oct. 16 at Wonder Ballroom.

Inside Pickathon 2016

“You guys like the smoke,” goads King Tuff. The crowded forest of humans in front of…

Coco Columbia

Coco Columbia releases her new album Aug. 17 at Doug Fir. Ahead of the show, we spoke to the Portland artist about performance and anonymity, applying music to suffering and the balance between jazz and pop.


In this month’s local feature, the central duo of bed. — Alex and Sierra Haager — discuss finding a drummer, their new album and an ill-fated, impulse move to Eugene. Their new album “Klickitat” came out last month and you can see them next on July 9 at Mississippi Studios.

Animal Eyes

Before Animal Eyes releases their new album May 12 at Mississippi Studios, we sat down to discuss the band’s Alaska roots, their marriage-level friendships and whether art-pop is an appropriate descriptor for their sound.

Tango Alpha Tango

“Good rock ‘n’ roll will never die because, at its best, it tells lies we can all see the truth in, and everyone knows honesty doesn’t get old.”