local feature

Maxwell Cabana

With dreamy guitar tones, Maxwell Cabana’s ready to bring the island to you!

Amenta Abioto

Amenta Abioto weaves songs into being with a voice that dances under the weight of countless stories.

Miss Rayon

Local post-punk / no-wave trio Miss Rayon release their debut album Eclipse on XRAY Records on November 17.

Skull Diver

Portland trio Skull Diver discusses their earliest musical experiences, their new album “Chemical Tomb,” and their penchant for ornate live performances.

Animal Eyes

Before Animal Eyes releases their new album May 12 at Mississippi Studios, we sat down to discuss the band’s Alaska roots, their marriage-level friendships and whether art-pop is an appropriate descriptor for their sound.


“Portland’s Candace, by way of Minneapolis, will remind you that at least some people aren’t content to let their youth and dreamy ambitions disappear into a box of melancholy memories after 25.”