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EP Review: Terry’s Paradise – “Shoobeedoo High, Shoobeedoo Low Pt. 1”

Terry’s Paradise is a place out of time, vibing comfortably between the highs and lows…

Photo by Jesus Acosta
Aural Fix: Magna Carda

In hip-hop’s current diffuse landscape, the MC/producer duo has become less and less common, but Magna Carda makes a strong case for the genre to return to its roots.

Single Premiere: Terry’s Paradise – “I Told You the Full Moon Makes Sense”

If Terry’s Paradise were a physical space, it would stretch out into the breezy dusk,…

Local Feature: Bryson Cone

Bryson Cone rides the line between dream and nightmare, flourishing in the subconscious space that’s…

Cover Feature: Wynne

Wynne steps in, draped in improbabilities. Portland’s best new rapper is a blonde girl from…

Rylie DeGarmo: “Before It Starts”

“Before It Starts” finds DeGarmo in full pop form, with layered vocal lines a-la Kimbra over electric swells in a catchy, danceable package.

Premiere: Mother Mariposa – “The Monarch Key”

Mother Mariposa’s “The Monarch Key” is a psychedelic ride through the field of your mind.

Local Feature: Federale

Federale’s Colin Hegna talks film, recording, and the new album, No Justice, out November 8th on Jealous Butcher Records.

Album Review: Laura Palmer – “Bricks of Ivanhoe”

With the rain comes Bricks of Ivanhoe, the new EP from Portland singer/songwriter Laura Hopkins,…

Video Premiere: Laura Palmer’s DEATH PARADE “Heartbeats Dancing”

“Heartbeats Dancing,” the new video from Laura Palmer’s DEATH PARADE (produced by New Move Media alongside their compilation album “Paradise Hotel”) is a lazy motorcycle ride through a strange cemetery, whose grass and trees hum with an ultraviolet glow.