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Julia Logue breaks down the walls in the video for her new single, “Fort.”

Julia Logue breaks down the walls in the video for her new single, “Fort.”

“Fort,” the new single from Julia Logue tells a story of two selves. The music video, released February 3rd, opens in blues. Logue sits in the dim light under a tent of sheets. “Building up a fort, don’t let them in,” goes the descending line, but as the camera slowly zooms in, the blue gives way to a bit of gold, and she begins her upward run: “once you look around you see your walls were only paper thin.”

“This single is about the walls or “fort” we create around ourselves for some sense of protection. I wrote this song during a very dark period in my life when I could feel myself pushing everyone away. It was in the breaking down of those walls, letting my support systems help me, and being vulnerable, that I could move out of that dark time,” says Logue of her writing process. “The music video plays on those concepts through a conversation between my higher self and the most insecure and closed-off version of myself.”

That dialogue is represented musically by the ascending and descending lines, and visually with the cool blues surrounding the closed-off pajama-clad Logue, while her higher self is dressed in sequins and bathed in reds and golds. The point-counterpoint dynamic plays out as the track settles into a heavy soulquarian-esque groove, coming to a head at the 1:30 mark, where both selves appear on screen and trade off lines in a kind of duet of the self.

Implicit in the structure Logue creates with video director Greyfaen Eastland is the idea that we are all always having this dialogue within ourselves, and that it takes a clarity and strength for the higher version of us to win out. “Fort” shows us more introspective, more conflicted artist than on “Here We Are,” the last single of Logue’s we covered here at ELEVEN, but again, all of these multitudes, and more, are within. All we have to do is start the conversation.

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