The peanut butter falcon
The Peanut Butter Falcon | Film Review

Long on ludicrous charm, short on all else, the new Shia LaBeouf road movie “The Peanut Butter Falcon” is playing now at Regal Fox Tower.

once upon a time in hollywood
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood | Film Review

Against all odds, the ninth film from Quentin Tarantino defends a certain innocence. Catch “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” now at the Hollywood Theatre in 35mm.

the dead don't die
The Dead Don’t Die | Film Review

The new zombie film from Jim Jarmusch is playing now at Cinema 21.

‘High Life’ | Film Review

“High Life,” the first English film from Claire Denis, is playing now at Fox Tower. The Robert Pattinson space-mystery is what you make of it.

“Us” | Film Review

For all the invention and imagination of Jordan Peele’s successful second horror outing, it leaves a great deal up to … us.

‘Climax’ | Film Review

Don’t go taking your grandparents, but the latest from Gaspar Noé is the French provocateur’s most electric, digestible film yet. It opens Friday, March 8 at Cinema 21.

‘Burning’ | Film Review

One of the year’s best films, Lee Chang-dong’s “Burning” pokes at the unknowable voids within a relationship triangle. See it now at Regal Fox Tower.

‘Boy Erased’ | Film Review

“Boy Erased” is a carefully, tenderly made drama about surviving gay conversion therapy, but why doesn’t it feel like focusing on its main character? The Lucas Hedges-starring adaptation of Garrard Conley’s memoir opens Nov. 9 at Cinema 21.

‘Wildlife’ | An Interview With Paul Dano

Actor and now director Paul Dano discusses his new film “Wildlife,” Carey Mulligan’s remarkable performance therein, and how Paul Thomas Anderson taught him to be patient. “Wildlife” opens Nov. 1 at Fox Tower in Portland.

‘Never Goin’ Back’ | Film Review

Is the mere idea of a stylish, youthful A24 film enough to make a good movie? “Never Goin’ Back” tests the limits of that question and opens Friday, Aug. 10 at Fox Tower.