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CSS @ Wonder Ballroom 10/02/2011

CSS @ Wonder Ballroom 10/02/2011

How does one describe a band like Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS)? Bad Fucking Ass is the least eloquent, but most appropriate term of endearment that I have for these Brazilian bombshells. Lovefoxx and friends brought their electro-rock dance party to the Wonder Ballroom last Sunday for a legion of fans that were more than happy to welcome the gals back to Portland.

Lovefoxx, ever the show-woman, proclaimed her love for our dear city before donning a gem encrusted mask and cape to preform La Liberation, off of their latest album of the same name. The fury with which the entire group attacked each lyric and note was formidable. The popular tracks City Grrl, and Fuck Everything prompted members of the audience to emulate Lovefoxx’s crowd surfing with stage dives of their own, theatrics were the height of the performance.

Upon her entrance for Lovefoxx ripped off her black jeans to reveal cutoffs and fishnets. The audience came prepared with costumes of their own, the giant sequin studded vagina costumes commanded attention. Carnival came to Portland that evening, the spectacular performance, aided by openers Men, was a hip-shaking, knee-bruising, dance-your-ass-off marathon that left us wanting more than one encore (and a kick-ass after party).
-Bex Silver

photos by Gabriel Granach. More on Flickr.

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