Wonder Ballroom

Gus Dapperton Press Photo
Aural Fix – Gus Dapperton

Looking for an opportunity to dance away all your woes? Put on your dancin’ boots,…

Show Preview: Slothrust at Wonder Ballroom

Members of Boston born trio Slothrust studied jazz and blues in a formal educational setting, but as…

Red Fang

Red Fang are a classic bunch of guys drinking beers, playing rock music and living…

Superorganism @ Wonder Ballroom 20180830
Superorganism @ Wonder Ballroom 8/30/18

The Superorganism audience was made up of mostly teenagers who were all wishing they didn’t care about the show as much as they truly did.

Interview: Catching up with King Buzzo of The Melvins

The Melvins  began in the Pacific Northwest. In the 80’s and 90’s, Melvins  were on…

Kadhja Bonet

Get lost in Kadhja Bonet’s hypnotizing orchestral musical daydream on April 9 at the Wonder Ballroom.

Show Review: Devendra Banhart at Wonder Ballroom

Freak-folk songwriter Devendra Banhart drifted into Wonder Ballroom last month. Read our coverage and see photos of the show here.


After appearing out of nowhere, Indiana-based quartet Hoops delivers with its self-titled EP. It’s a rich collection of haunting and sensual songs perfect for those summer days. The band opens for Tennis on Feb. 27 at Wonder Ballroom.

Show Review: Okkervil River at Wonder Ballroom

Okkervil River floated into Wonder Ballroom on Friday night, born anew around frontman Will Sheff and the new album “Away.”

Marian Hill at Wonder Ballroom

With its jazz-infused electro R&B (and one hell of a live saxophonist), Marian Hill played to a warm reception Tuesday night at Wonder Ballroom.