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What’s Going On: 05/07 – 05-14

What’s Going On: 05/07 – 05-14

1. Summer Cannibals w/ Sad Horse & Charts
Where: The Firkin Tavern
How Much: Free
When: Friday, May 9th – 9pm
Why: New Moss Records and Summer Cannibals kick off the first night of a trifeca of release shows! The garage-romp quartet is teaming up with two rad Portland bands: Sad Horse and Charts! Space is somewhat limited so show up early and get your paws on one of these tapes!

2. And And And w/ Old Light & XDS
Where: The Know
How Much: $5
When: Saturday, May 10th – 8pm
Why: This compilation is going to rock your socks off! New Moss Records did an excellent job of curating a mix that captures the essence of Portland:  Grandparents, Summer Cannibals, wimps, Wooden Indian Burial Ground., Old Light, Still Caves, Charts, And And And, The We Shared Milk, Sad Horse, Spookies, Natural Blonde & XDS. 

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3. Grandparents w/ Spookies
Where: Rontoms
How Much: Free
When: Sunday, May 11th – 9pm
Why: Closing out the weekend of wonder, local favs Grandparents will take you on the psychedelic ride of your life! Gaze in awe of their musical capabilities as each musician brings their unique and amazing talents to the stage. Get there early or you’ll be stuck watching through the windows.