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Born Ruffians @ Mississippi Studios 11/17/2015

Born Ruffians @ Mississippi Studios 11/17/2015

Young Revival and Born Ruffians’ show at Mississippi Studios was a beautiful mix of Lelonde’s dreamy voice, some killer dance moves from bassist Mitch Derosier,Tecate loving Portlanders and a sparkly set from Young Revival to kick off the night.

It’s no joke to say that Young Revival’s set was sparkly; the band came out donning silver blazers and shiny sequined gowns that caught every spec of light. Their set was energetic and passioned, and it was clear that some of the audience came specifically for their set by the amount of lip syncers and lyric shouters in the crowd.

Born Ruffians performance included everything assumed in the show preview and more. The band hadn’t played a show in Portland in a couple years and it was clear they had a renewed sense of excitement. Even songs like, “Needle,” that they probably get sick of playing, didn’t feel inauthentic or played out.

Highlights from the set include the band playing newer hits off RUFF like, “Eat Shit (We Did It,)” “Don’t Live Up,” Derosier’s enthusiasm on stage and of course drummer Adam Hindle ironically clad in a Ringo Starr tee.

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