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Cat Hoch EP Release At Mississippi Studios

Cat Hoch EP Release At Mississippi Studios

Photo by Mercy McNab

Cat Hoch walks out on stage and it is immediately apparent that she is a mermaid masquerading as a human. Her hair is impossibly long and blonde. She glows with what could be mistaken for excitement at the release of her first EP, Look What You Found, but which the audience now knows is a standard mermaid glow. Her voice is quiet and weaves in and out of the music, further entrancing the audience. She dances slowly between verses, as if through water. Anna Tyler (who is also a mermaid) plays keys, synths, and backup vocals. Theo Craig on bass, Eric Sabatino on guitar, and Adam Breeden on drums all appear human, but have obviously been keeping aquatic company.

Cat’s stage presence would be enough to captivate at any venue in any medium she chose, but the realization that we are seeing this project in its infancy is partly what keeps the performance charged and the audience captivated. An EP release at Mississippi Studios looks to be one of the first steps in Cat Hoch’s journey. The question now is, how does a mermaid find the right pair of walking shoes?

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– Stephanie Scelza