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Taking Back Sunday @ Showbox Sodo

Taking Back Sunday @ Showbox Sodo

Sometimes you end up in Seattle for work and you miss out on seeing shows at the Crystal Ballroom. So you have to check things out at the Showbox Sodo instead. That’s exactly what happened last week when I made my way to the industrial area of hazy Seattle. Shocked as soon as I entered Sodo, I was impressed that the venue was pumping full A/C and there was no condensation dripping from the ceiling. Always a good start to a show.

Another great thing about this show was that they realized all of us at this sold out show were old as hell. So they let us meander around the entire show floor with our beer and wine which makes any show better. Because singing along to “Cute Without the E” is so much better with a beer in hand. After the show John Nolan also treated us to a DJ set in the lounge. I’m honestly still finding confetti in my purse from this night.

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