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Album Premiere: Little Star – Demos

Album Premiere: Little Star – Demos

We all have our own rituals and ways of coping with the holidays. Little Star’s Daniel Byers holed up and recorded an entire 6-song EP’s worth of demos. While the Demos EP is only a stopgap between 2016’s Being Close and their follow-up full length due out in April, the EP is available for purchase with all proceeds benefitting the Portland Q Center.

Here’s what Byers had to say about the EP and his connection to the cause he’s supporting.

“This EP is partly about my relationship with anti depressants and partly about friends who I love. I’m donating to the Q Center because it’s important to be an ally to a space that supports the LBGTQ community. I have seen how much that space has helped my friends feel accepted and comfortable with their identities and I wanted to express my gratitude by sharing something that means a lot to me (these songs).”

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