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“Garbage People” by Wimps

“Garbage People” by Wimps

Live in Portland July 13, 2018 | Mississippi Studios

If you were to take the brat punk style from notable ‘90s punk bands like F.Y.P and Screeching Weasel, throw it into the gutters of the legendary Seattle grunge scene, then pick it up out of a garbage can and treasure it with a mischievous teenager-like grin, you would get a slight understanding of Wimps new album Garbage People, hitting the streets July 13.

The simple, stripped down punk sound generates a catchy yet humorous feeling as lead vocalist/guitar player Rachel Ratner elaborates on the general malaise of “Procrastination” as she explains,  “I don’t wanna do the laundry… I’ll do it in a minute, I don’t wanna go to work… NOT NOW… my heart’s not in it.” 

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The feeling of immaturity and lack of responsibility that this album exclaims rings true in the song “Giant Brain,” where the premise consists of an office worker creating an interconnected web of thought. 

We actually get the opportunity to see these successful trash punks from Seattle at Mississippi Studios on the day that they release Garbage People and kick off their upcoming tour. This album is disgustingly catchy, smart and funny.