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“Melodie” by Sinless

“Melodie” by Sinless


We all have regrets in life. I realized I messed up when I heard tracks off the new Sinless EP, Melodie. It made me regret not paying more attention to our local music scene, because the music made by Cor Allen, John Walsh, Pete Bosack, Lynn Nicholson and John Goforth is gold. For me, it drew instant comparisons to Passion Pit, Why? and MEW, three bands that left heavy, heavy impressions on my music listening career. The Melodie EP follows last year’s Ethereality EP and precedes a debut full-length, out next year.

“Cool,” one of the four songs on the EP, made me pause, just to listen to Phoenix’s “Trying to be Cool.” And then I had to listen to all the other bands Sinless reminded me of, leading me off track for at least an hour. When I finally returned to Sinless, I found that the rest of the songs were just as inspiring and impressive as the first. I had given up on finding new music. And here I had Sinless just thrown into my lap. “Strange Reality” sounds like it ought to soundtrack a slow-motion video of a blonde, long-haired girl frolicking in a field behind a heavy filter. Allen and friends trap that hedonistic hippie vibe that was prevalent 50 years ago with effortless coordination, producing dreamy beach haze melodies that make you wish you were somewhere else. The days are cold now and it starts getting dark at 4 p.m. It’s a good time to discover why Melodie is on my Best of 2016 list.»

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– Kelly Kovl