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“Permo” by Spinning Coin

“Permo” by Spinning Coin

A certain innocence born of simplicity and spirit flows and attacks throughout Spinning Coin’s first full length release, Permo. What does not rattle your cage on this album sends you drifting in a sweet innocence towards euphoric concern.

There is a definite divide of signature styles that present themselves through the creative touch of this duo. Sean Armstrong (guitar, vocals) brings more melody and sweetness to the vocal and guitar tracks as Jack Mellin (guitar, vocals) brings a certain maniacal neurosis to the table with riffs and vocal expressions akin to punk rock.

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The fourteen song debut packs a mix of diversity that is exemplified in songs like “Starry Eyes,” where Armstrong pleads “let’s do something that doesn’t involve getting fucked up on a sense of pride.” The song “Tin” comes into formation in nostalgic grunge fashion mixed with punk rock reminiscence as the words, “I need someone to remind me how to communicate/how to participate,” jangle from Mellin’s vocal chords.

Spinning Coin has been putting in their fair share of work in the rock ‘n’ roll scene, and Permo is the first major product of the project, sending them off in a good direction. Recklessly rocking and recoiling in chaotic yet sensitive style.