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“Secret Shot” by Rare Diagram

“Secret Shot” by Rare Diagram


Rare Diagram’s debut LP is the foursome’s way of saying, “Hello world, look at all the fantastic things we can do with eleven songs.” Secret Shot is an eccentric mix of progressive-meets-psychedelic rock with just a sprinkle of pop and a dash of soul.

“Come Home,” the first song on the album, is a simple song lyrically. It’s about the feeling of longing, wanting someone to come back into your life, and seeing reminders of them that can be as small as a purse. Its complexity derives from its instrumentals and dueting vocals that come midway through the song, drawing you into the album immediately. This seems to be a technique used throughout. If the song is lyrically complex, the instrumentals will be more grounded and straight-forward, and vise versa.

It would be impossible to listen to Secret Shot and not wonder about its wide array of influences. On “The Dive, Pt. II,” Justin Chase boasts of being “such an old fashioned guy,” and it seems like this sentiment goes for his influences as well. “Sandshark,” for example, feels like something out of Sgt. Pepper’s; and the chipper vibe of “Scripture” is reminiscent of Steely Dan and even a little Earth, Wind and Fire.

“Heat Death, Pt. I + II,” the final song of Secret Shot, isolates the vocals more than the other songs and it’s a beautiful, back-to-basics way of ending this impressive debut album. »

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– Erin Treat

Rare Diagram celebrates the release of the new record with Fur Coats and Coronation November 10 at Holocene