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Aural Fix: Still Woozy

Aural Fix: Still Woozy

Photo by Shawheen Keyani

What is the most entrancing part about Sven Gamsky, who we know as Still Woozy? Maybe it’s that his music induces both melancholy and happiness, or how he crafts a charmingly imperfect blend of acoustic and electronic, or perhaps the fact that the music Gamsky produces reflects qualities a listener can relate to: like being a little quirky and hating mornings. The Bay Area native creates melodies that follow psychedelic and dreamy electronic beats and funky, retro bass lines. 

Gamsky hit the sound waves of SoundCloud with fan favorite “Goodie Bag” in the wake of the bedroom pop phenomenon, alongside other DIY and lo-fi artists such as Clairo, Cuco, and Omar Apollo.

However, Still Woozy is not confined to the bedroom pop genre, and at times his music sounds more like lo-fi hip hop, while other times flaring into R&B and funk. Consistent with Gamsky’s genre-bending scale is the dreaminess factor; there is just something about his music that floats you up to cloud nine. 

The multi-instrumentalist got his musical start in math rock band, Feed Me Jack. He left the band to make simpler, more intimate music of his own. His cheery-meets-melancholic instrumentation and tone is cozy, comforting, and relatable, insinuating that this is what making music is really about for Gamsky. Yet, through his music, he assures fans that things are going to be okay and prompts listeners to get on their feet and dance.

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Gamsky surprised fans with a long awaited debut EP, titled Lately, early in May. The five track EP perfectly embodies the lively energy and genre elusiveness of Gamsky. Lately includes four new songs along with his much loved single “Habit.” “Ipanema” features Omar Apollo and Elujay, who will be the supporting act for Still Woozy’s upcoming tour.

Still Woozy kicks off his headlining three month U.S. tour in July, his first stop being at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland.