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Post Animal

Post Animal

Photo by Pooneh Ghana

Live in Portland June 21, 2018 | Doug Fir

Post Animal’s sound has a psychedelic kick that surges through sensitive and melodic moments, displayed in a variety of complex compositions. Their newest release When I Think of You In A Castle, conveys a sense of diversity in their songwriting that seems to span the entire psych/pop genre. At moments they’re exploring a world of driving, rhythmically-heavy elements, reminiscent of greats like Zeppelin and Sabbath, while at other points they ease into country-tinged classic rock stylings more akin to Steve Miller, and then out of the ether comes a recognition of pop sounds that the Jackson Five could have created. It’s crazy. The span of their sound can be attributable to the fact that each of the five band members creates and contributes their own musical structures democratically.

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The first EPs from Post Animal were much more psychedelically gritty with rough and heavy edges. This aggressive sound has not deteriorated at all, but rather they’ve honed it in with tighter production and a new detail-oriented and flowing maturity. And now these guys are getting it right. The band had a little bit of early growing pains after forming in Chicago in 2014/2015, and after rolling DIY-style for their first couple years of touring, they were able to hook up with bands like Twin Peaks, Wavves, and White Reaper. Now things seem to be going pretty well for Post Animal as they frolic around the world playing their own headlining shows and recording videos to support When I Think of You In A Castle, an album that has already been building some serious traction on it’s own.