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Ron Gallo

Ron Gallo

Another sprouting young mind with a predilection to harmonize with the universe graces us with his presence here in Portland this month, with an invitation to make sense, or at the least fully feel the nonsense that we all know as our everyday existence. He leaves us with no other choice but to fully fucking dig it! Ron Gallo has been hitting it hard, cruising along on his recent tour promoting his new record Heavy Metta, an album that undeniably hits many corners of a life full of maniacal curiosity, lively spirit and unanswerable questions.

Getting his start in Philadelphia, then moving on to Nashville, Gallo has put years into the questionable trenches of rock ‘n’ roll. Keeping his wits about him throughout a few bands and plenty of shows, Gallo has created and planted his personality into the cement of the scene.

While we invite the summer into our lives at the intersection of Ron Gallo and The Doug Fir, expect this show to kick off a melodic and powerful summer experience. With a pure sweet voice that rises and becomes volatile enough for Jello Biafra, Gallo reaches into the depths of his mind and comes out howling, caressing and facing the travels and realizations of a hard working musician.

Heavy Metta dropped earlier this year and takes off with a mix of ecstatic rock ‘n’ roll rhythm, sharp humor, mild punk rock edges and honest, introspective realizations well capsulized in an array of songs that do not disappoint. The heavy distortion and ripping solos mix rather well with the wispy and sentimental tracks that focus on the sincerity of a man caught in the middle of life, mind and emotion. These jams hit where it counts if you’re ripping a skate deck, hanging deep in a gathering or kickin’ it solo. The experience of watching and feeling Gallo as he wields his axe, howling in sweet chaotic harmony with Joe Bissiri hitting the bass niche while Dylan Sevey precisely and explosively conveys proper rhythm on the drum kit, is bound to draw us in and leave us recoiling in appreciation, fully prepared for a rock ‘n’ roll summer.

Catch Ron Gallo live at the Doug Fir on Wednesday, June 21 with support from White Reaper. Tickets are available here

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