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Premier: Loveboys Self-Titled EP

Premier: Loveboys Self-Titled EP

Tattered, ragged and rocking–that’s how we like our grunge. Loveboys, the grunge pop trio out of Portland, knows this. Their new Loveboys EP powers through a full course of grimy riffs, jagged vocals and genre-bending structures while still retaining the classic grunge sound that drives their creative ethos.

The EP kicks off with the raucous “Tender Branson,” which begins with a stripped down vocal/guitar accompaniment before banging into a siege of power chords. “Elixir” is an epic burner that dials back the frenzy to a more methodical pace while upping the melodic guitar lines throughout. The juxtaposition of these two tracks is indicative of the EP as a whole. Loveboys are capable of thrashing, but they also have a keen collective ear for the intricacies that separate the interesting from the status quo. »

Loveboys celebrate the release of their self-titled EP June 15 at The Know

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