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photo by Jahmad Balugo

photo by Jahmad Balugo

Any artist new to New York City will no doubt be inundated by endless sources of inspiration. Triathalon is no exception. Originating from Savannah, Georgia, this group has fully embraced their geographical shift northward, and it’s working. Five members (Chad, Adam, Hunter, Lamont, and Kristina) are listed on their website, up one person from last year. Together, they’re molding their sound into sexy, new shapes, but the common thread of experimental indie vibes continues to unite new with old.

Their new locale combined with being another year older has matured their sound into some serious, serious lo fi. As a music reviewer, it’s kind of my job to put bands into genres, but I just really hate to do that with Triathalon. Here’s a try, anyway: their latest album, Online, released earlier this year, reminds me a lot of the Jersey Devil album by Ducktails. Think slow, think ‘80s retro, think R&B. Listening to their four albums, it’s easy to hear they don’t like to stay stuck on any one theme. And while the lo-fi, super chill vibe that’s going on right now is five stars, neither they, nor I, can promise it will be like this forever.

I am certain they will continue to take the unbeaten path and do some more shape shifting in the coming years. November is the perfect month to catch them live…bring your current lover with you, cozy up on the dance floor and let their groove melt your ears and bodies like butter.


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“Couch” The epitome of their current vibe: slow beat, twang from the keyboard and sexy lyrics, “Chilling in my living room… thinking about every single thing I wanna do with you; Can I get you home, in the zone?”

“Distant” A new single that a YouTube commenter affectionately called “suburbwave.” Slow jam about the ending of summer and a reminder that “I’m just laying in the deep end (for you).”

[See Triathalon live on November 29th at Doug Fir]