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Video Premier: Kulululu’s “Skateboard Song”

Video Premier: Kulululu’s “Skateboard Song”

Photo by Hasmood

This video is perfect Kulululu. It shows the band as ordinary and extraordinary at the same time; living lives similar to the ones we lead, in homes and neighborhoods, on roads and in skate pits, driving cars and playing instruments. But something is… different. They must be masked for a reason. A strange, seductive, universally provocative reason. The sound of the cosmos is in the whispered, madcap vocals and every single genre of music is either unpacked or hinted at in their deceptively simple  sound.

 “Skateboard Song” starts off like a ballad from the ’70s about UFOs and heartbreak, and then it comes around once more, and then turns into clammy punk pop, and then surf, and then noise-rock, and then everywhere at once until the squealing pointillism of the final guitar-on-drum attack takes the song back out into the coldness and weirdness of the void around us. Is it really about skateboards? Is this really about rock music? Like their masked personages, you’re left with more questions than answers. But they’re a damned fine cup of questions. Real good ones. »


Catch Kulululu live this month June 10 at Bunk Bar.