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Video Premiere: Ah God – “Another Planet”

Video Premiere: Ah God – “Another Planet”

Weird things live in the layers just in front of our eyes. They wriggle and march and sing. Psychedelic fuzztronauts Ah God have proven that much. Their new video for “Another Planet,” the single off the band’s forthcoming 3rd album, Tiiime, finds the group sitting on their couch, singing the off-kilter earworm of a refrain while phasing between dimensions, existing in parallel and duplicate, with each divergence perceptible only in its relation to the abstracted whole.

Shot on a phone camera and arranged and animated by frontman Chad Davis, the video is a testament to the band’s DIY aesthetic, which extends from their four-track tascam recordings to their heady visuals, made in the style of an old-school South Park episode, with construction paper, lots of layers, and time. Really, it’s that third element that’s the key, a dedication to the process that allows the music to stand in spite of, or maybe because of, a particular medium’s inherent idiosyncrasies, because it turns out that those little things–the way the split-jawed skull moves eating a flower, or the warm fuzz of an old tape–that become a door to another world, one that was there all along, and all we had to do was listen, and look.

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Tiiime is out July 27th on Halfshell Records, available for download and purchase here. Catch Ah God this Friday night, July 27 at Art Market PDX, celebrating their album release with support from Wet Dream and B.B.