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Video Premiere: “Wee Thee People” – Dim Wit

Video Premiere: “Wee Thee People” – Dim Wit

Dim Wit lives in the a fun, freaky parts of our minds that culture tells us to suppress. But living by the rules has never been Jeff Tuyay’s game.

Onstage, guitarist and singer Jeff Tuyay and his band—made up of drummer Tyler Verigin (Reptaliens), bassist Ben Johnson (Death Parade, Heavii Mello, Wet Dream) and synth/backing vocals Salomeya Sobko—appear as wacky mad scientists, wrapped in loose-fitting lab coats and off-kilter, colorfully un-manicured wigs. The act is executed with conviction and sincerity, poking fun at “normalcy” and the absurdity of living, all while rocking punk riffs and candid sings and screams. Charmingly raw, Dim Wit’s newest video, “Wee Thee People”, is no exception.

Filmed as a series of selfies (including various Instagram-like gifs and filters), Tuyay exists as a sloppy, eccentric clown traveling through the city with a sardonic smile. As though his world only exists as the filter of a phone, we watch Tuyay wake up, drive, hang at a party and roam about town, as mysterious “helping hands” perform tasks like stuffing a burger in his mouth and bombard him with White Claw and wine.

The scene is so delightfully cynical and utterly charming. The dizziness of existence seems to catch up with Tuyay, as the video ends with him spinning frantically in circles and vomiting up green, mockingly mimicking an iconic vomit emoji. Dim Wit’s music is equally tantalizing: lo fi, raw and colorfully poppy.

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Be sure to catch Dim Wit’s new album release show with Meringue, Baloon Club, and Library Studies at Blackwater on November 14 at 8PM ($6 cover). Keep an eye out for their upcoming album, Dim Sh!t, out November 19th.