Interview: Quinn Christopherson’s new music touches on nostalgia, the joy of Alaskan sun, and how “good boys” could do better

I discovered Quinn Christopherson’s sound alongside the low hum of a buzzing Doug Fir crowd.…

Boy Harsher at Crystal Ballroom, bringing dreamy sounds from cinema to stage

Crystal Ballroom played host to a swarm of eerie voices Saturday night. A sold-out crowd…

Pickathon 2022 wide banner
ELEVEN artists we love from the Pickathon 2022 lineup!

After two years of hibernation, Pickathon is back! The festival famous for its indie leanings…

Aethiopes full painting
Billy Woods’ Aethiopes is maddeningly good.

Work like this cannot be “reviewed” in the sense that it’s so far beyond the framework of good and bad, of numerical

Half Shadow’s latest album, “At Home With My Candles,” is the poetic release we need right now

At Home With My Candles, the third full-length album by eclectically esoteric and long-time local…

Margaritas Podridas and Twistur at Polaris Hall

Margaritas Podridas Twistur

Aly & AJ at Roseland Theater
Photo by Sara Hertel Photo by Sara HertelPhoto by Sara HertelPhoto by Sara HertelPhoto by…
Kid Ferris sticks to the vibe with his new single, Wonder

Kid Ferris is here, with his new single “Wonder,” out now. The track is a…

Hank Failing with guitars.
Hank’s Music Exchange is a shop for the community.

In a world where massive corporate entities can send you anything you could think to want within 24 hours thanks to outsourced supply chains and exploitative labor practices, Hank’s model seems crazily outmoded, but also rare and necessary–his care for the things he sells and his insistence that they get sold function as two parts of the same impulse, which is towards the creation of a larger collective musical community.

Treefort 10 Required Listening: ELEVEN more acts to catch at this year’s festival

Coming into a weeklong music festival with so many performers spread across so many venues,…