Film Review

Boy Harsher’s “The Runner (Original Soundtrack)” examines the human condition through the lens of campy horror

At the brink of 2020’s semi-social collapse—the live music scene dwindling to a low hum—Boy…

Film Review: Summer of Soul (…or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)

The summer of 1969 was historic in many respects: humankind first set foot on the…

Film Review – “Pig”

Many initially responded to trailers for Pig—the newest film to star unfairly-maligned legend Nicolas Cage—as if…

“Us” | Film Review

For all the invention and imagination of Jordan Peele’s successful second horror outing, it leaves a great deal up to … us.

‘Climax’ | Film Review

Don’t go taking your grandparents, but the latest from Gaspar Noé is the French provocateur’s most electric, digestible film yet. It opens Friday, March 8 at Cinema 21.

‘Burning’ | Film Review

One of the year’s best films, Lee Chang-dong’s “Burning” pokes at the unknowable voids within a relationship triangle. See it now at Regal Fox Tower.


Earth is a perilous place. Humanity continues to plunder its resources in the attempt to…