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Party Boyz Episode 6: And And And

Party Boyz Episode 6: And And And

Party Boyz is back at it with a new podcast featuring local heroes And And And!

// Recorded Sunday, August 18 at the Sandy River

/// Party Boyz is Rachel Milbauer & Elizabeth Elder

//// And And And is Nathan Baumgartner, Jonathan Sallas, Berg Radin, Bim Ditson, and Ryan Wiggins.

This week you will hear:

Accapella song: “I’m A Bug” performed by And And And

Intro song: “She’s Got A Gun” by And And And

1. “Picture of my Dick” – Uncle Funkle
2. “Flashman” – Mega Man 2
3. “Suspended in Gaffa” – Kate Bush
4. “Kiss Them for Me” – Siouxie and the Banshees
5. “Sickness x 1 Book 2” – Rush*
6. “Burning Thunder” – 420
7. “Station to Station” – David Bowie
8. “Close to Me” – The Cure
9. “Capitals Will Fall” – Sama Dams
10. “Coast to Coast” – Elliott Smith**

Acoustic Exclusive: “Whiskey Shakes” recorded in the green room of Holocene.

*This Rush song is 18 minutes long, so you get the abridged version.
**John picked this song after the fact, so it wasn’t introduced during the podcast.