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The Fixin’ To

The Fixin’ To is aiming to liven up St. Johns nights with new music offerings, including some of Portland’s most acclaimed new acts, plus weekly metal and honky-tonk nights.

The White Eagle

The White Eagle Saloon, once called The Bucket of Blood, is celebrating its 111th anniversary this October. It’s one of the most storied venues in the city, legendary for both its musical and supernatural entertainment.

Show Preview: Anklepants at Dante’s

The creature and multi-instrumentalist known as Anklepants comes to Dante’s tonight. We caught up with Dr. Reecard Farch√© to discuss his animatronic craftsmanship and why his true name must remain a secret.

Q&A: Patrick Haggerty of Lavender Country

At any Aug. 19 show at Turn! Turn! Turn!, we sat down with Lavender Country founder Patrick Haggerty for a talk about activism and long shots. Haggerty was the mind and voice behind what was considered to be the first gay country record in the 1970s.

Turn! Turn! Turn!

It’s a music-inspired variety shop. Read this month’s Know Your Venue on Turn! Turn! Turn! and brush up on its signature cocktails, periodicals and vinyl.

Bunk Bar

This month’s Know Your Venue feature spotlights Bunk Bar. Read on to learn the history, food and music philosophies and namesake of the “Indie Rock Sandwich Shop.”

Show Preview: Mac Sabbath at Dante’s

Steady your senses for a greasy bag of parody metal this Thursday at Dante’s. The McDonald’s-Black Sabbath hybrid band Mac Sabbath is coming to Portland with all their volume, props and terrifying costumes.

Club 21

This month’s featured venue is Club 21, one of Sandy Boulevard’s most cherished dive bars. Read on for more on its history, menu and free punk shows.

Hawthorne Theatre

This month’s Know Your Venue edition features The Hawthorne Theatre and its century-long journey from Masonic Lodge to eclectic, and often all-ages, venue.

The Know

No one quite recalls how The Know got its name, but it’s certainly earned its decade-long reputation as a scrappy, DIY venue on Alberta Street.