Video Premiere: Lorain – “All That Much”

Watch the music video premiere of Lorain’s “All That Much.”

Video Premiere: Mic Capes, Live at Rontoms

Recorded back in August, watch Portland emcee Mic Capes perform a live song from the Rontoms stage.

Song Premiere: Yardsss – 3331

Check out this melodic new track from Portland rock band Yardsss: Via Yardsss: “Another in the…

Premiere: Focus! Focus! – “Concrete”

Listen to the premiere of “Concrete,” the new single from Focus! Focus! One piece of an ambitious album trilogy, it turns Elly Swope’s indie folk tastes into overdrive.

Video Premiere: Laura Palmer’s Death Parade – “Summer Letters”

Watch the music video premiere of “Summer Letters” by Laura Palmer’s Death Parade. It’s an expressive depiction of sadness and release set to a slow-burning folk song.

Premiere: “Feet Bend” by RADER

Listen to the first-ever single from the Portland garage quartet RADER, featuring members formerly of The Mad Caps, A Happy Death and Foxy Lemon.

Video Premiere: “Racktom Disaster” by RILLA

Have you partaken in Portland’s one-day “spirit animal rentals”? Just know there’s a lot of havoc and lifeless eyes involved. Watch the premiere of RILLA’s “Racktom Disaster” video here.

Video Premiere: “Tower Blocks” by The Domestics

We double-dig The Domestics. Michael Finn, Leo London, and crew are ready to debut their new…

Exclusive Song Premiere: Quiet Type’s “The Worst”

When you combine the attractive harmonies of bubblegum pop with the laidback warm melodies of…

Video Premiere: “Gravity Wins” by Mothertapes

In all its corroding disorientation, watch the music video premiere for Mothertapes’ “Gravity Wins.”