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Photographer and Art Curator Mercy McNab

Photographer and Art Curator Mercy McNab

Mercy McNab (self-portrait)
Mercy McNab (self-portrait)

What are your roots?
A Portland transplant with a Hoosier heart.

Is Mercy McNab your real name?
No. It is an alias I have been going by for about 8 years.

What is your education?
Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, In.

How do you pay the rent?
Freelance photographer & Art Curator at the Alberta Abbey.

What are your creative influences?
My fellow artists and musicians that are creating right along side of me.

What is your biggest fear?
Going blind. I literally have nightmares where I lose my sight. It is terrifying!

Who are your mentors?
Musician Signe Toly Anderson & artist
Maria G Raffaele.

Favorite PDX bar?

Current Pandora station?
Missy Elliot

What can you not live without?
Art on the walls.

Favorite snacks?
Strawberry Fruit Rollups and lemonade.

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Favorite color?

Most memorable portrait?
Pink Roses. 2012

Favorite artist?
Edward Hopper.

Personal Motto?
Love is like butter, it’s meant to be spread.

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