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Beyonce @ MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas 6/29/2013

Beyonce @ MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas 6/29/2013

I made my way from the shitty Luxor over to the MGM Grand in the sweltering heat. . despite it being dark outside the weather was a scorching 115 degrees. To combat the heat on my journey over I had a cup of iced salty watermelon vodka, looking back on it I don’t think salty drinks and the heat mix well. The best part of Vegas is that you can take your alcohol anywhere and that means byob into the show as long as it’s not in a glass container. So basically, I am already stoked about this show.


The lights finally turn off, the backdrop falls and the beginning of the show is all so very cinematic.  Beyonce finally rises up from the stage and starts off the show with “Girls” which I find perfect and fitting since there’s an all female band, and only two male dancers. Videos very similar to the tour announcement clips play on an expansive LED screen that moves up and down and accompany the sweet sounds of Beyonce’s voice.


Fire, pyrotechnics, and confetti really bring the show over the top. Sequined outfits, incredibly sharp dance moves, and thousands of adoring fans; put them all together in Vegas in the record high heat and you’ve got a smoking hot show and well….you’ve got me in awe. Plus she sang Survivor, a quality Destiny’s Child staple, after flying across the arena to a smaller stage closer to the back of the arena so everyone could see her at some point during the show. All hail!

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words by Kimberly Lawson