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Preview: Why? 3/3/2013 @ Wonder Ballroom

Preview: Why? 3/3/2013 @ Wonder Ballroom

Photo by Jacob Hand

Yoni and his wolf pack, known onstage together as Why?, hit up the Wonder Ballroom this Sunday night for an evening of indie rock/hip hop. This show will be a great close to our weekend; enjoy Yoni’s musings about life and over losing some girl. I’d love to meet her, he’s always talking about her. What attracted me right away upon some of my first listens to these guys back in 2008 was Yoni’s super descriptive, relatable rhymes: “I sleep on my back cause it’s good for the spine and coffin rehearsal” and “But heed this honey, even if I beg for relations/You should try to only keep me as a distant acquaintance/Yeah, but I’m too persistent for that to work/And what’s worse is when you finally fall asleep/I’m gonna go through your purse.” He’ll keep your attention throughout the show, showing off his dance moves, addictive voice and enviable hair. Love it or hate it, the latest album, 2012’s Mumps, etc. will be showcased with old favorites woven into the setlist. Take advantage of this music foray into original songs presented by Yoni’s, sometimes ironic, nonsensical showmanship.


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