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Beloved Festival

Beloved Festival

This weekend, at the height of the festival season, on the quiet, wooded coast of Oregon will take place a music festival that defies tropes of the summer music festival genre. A self proclaimed ‘sacred arts’ festival, Beloved aims to bring 1,111 seekers to a moment in time where they will “eradicate the illusion of separation from each other, from the earth, and from The Beloved.” Focused on bringing it’s participants closer to the Divine (in whatever form you experience or worship the Divine) Beloved carefully curates four days of varied spirituality through dance, yoga, workshops, and of course, music. Far from the multi-stage, drug-fueled frenzy of other festivals, Beloved features one stage which is viewed as a mandala, a center to channel the energy created by performer and audience.

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Musically, Beloved promises to be as diverse as it’s audience. Looking at the top of the bill: Oliver Mtukudzi & the Black Spirits, a renown Zimbabwean traditional singer,  Opiuo, a Kiwi synthmaster, and Xavier Rudd, an acoustic Aussie praising the natural beauty of his homeland, and just the names that occupy the top of the list, with a myriad more following them. The perfect mix of ‘Ancient Musical Mastery’ and ‘Futuristic Global Bass,’ Beloved promises a unique experience unlike any festival you will attend this year.
Words by Bex Silver
More info:
Beloved Festival
August 9-12
Tidewater Falls, OR