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What’s Going On: 01/09 – 01/16

What’s Going On: 01/09 – 01/16

1. Hovercraft Records Showcase
Where: Doug Fir
How Much: $5
When: Thursday, January 10th – 9pm
Why: Bacardi and Hovercraft Records team up for a night of with No Tomorrow Boys, Pataha Hiss, Hey Lover, Guantanamo Baywatch, Courtney and The Crushers, BOOM!, Suicide Notes, and the original line-up Clorox Girls. There will also be a very special reading from Justin Maurer (Clorox Girls) from his new book “Seventeen Television”! Come on out for cheap drinks, tons of new Hovercraft Records merch and some sweet surprises!

Where: Backspace, Floating World Comics, Kelly’s Olympian, & Someday Lounge
How Much: Free!
When: Friday & Saturday, January 11th-12th
Why: 40 bands, 15 writers, 4 venues, 2 days,  0 dollars! Check out the killer lineup! You’re intrigued, right? You’re totally stoked on this, right? Well you should be! This is the 2nd Annual and it’s still free! Featuring bands you love like: Lee Corey Oswald, Your Rival, Animal Eyes, Glassbones, Pheasant, Tiger House, Fanno Creek, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Pigeons, Charts, A Happy Death, Beyond Veronica, and Teenspot.

3. Geographer w/ On An On
Where: Doug Fir
How Much: $10/$12
When: Saturday, January 12th – 9pm
Why: San Francisco threesome, Geographer, is known for their use of analog and electro-acoustic layers to create their signature soundscapes of “soulful music from outer space”. If you’ve been to one of their shows, then you know Michael Deni is know to sample and loop his vocals using his beloved Akai midi controller. The result is nothing short of a symphony of synth-pop wonderment you’ll simultaneously bob you head and slow dance to. Also, show up early to catch breakout Chicago/Minneapolis trio On And On. If synth-heavy indie-grooves are your thing, you’ll fall in love.