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What’s Going On: 02/13 – 02/20

What’s Going On: 02/13 – 02/20

1. The Sonics w/ Pierced Arrows & The Pynnacles
Where: Hawthorne Theater
How Much: $25
When: Friday, February 15th, 2013 – 8pm
Why: The Northwest’s legendary garage rock band The Sonics! Formed in 1960 in Tacoma and with cult classics like “The Witch”, “Strychnine”, and “Psycho” this show will have your hips shaking and arms flailing! Need I say more? Okay, let’s pair that with the beloved Pierced Arrows and The Pynnacles!

2. Kelly’s Olympian Anniversary Show!
Where: Kelly’s Olympian
How Much: Free!
When: Friday & Saturday, February 15th-16th – 8pm
Why: Come support one of Portland’s oldest establishments with 111 years of awesome! Two spectacular nights featuring some of city’s finest! Wow and Flutter, Souvenir Driver, Talkative, Buzzyshyface, Mike Coykendall, Autopilot is for Lovers, Bevelers And And And, The We Shared Milk, Old Age, Fanno Creek, Pony Village, The Morals, Donovan Breakwater, Beyond Veronica? Yes, please!

3. Red Fang w/ Federation X & Dog Shredder
Where: Wonder Ballroom
How Much: $15/$17
When: Sunday, February 16th – 7:30pm
Why: Since the April 2011 release of Red Fang’s second album, Murder the Mountains, the band has been in near constant motion: Europe, United States,and Europe again and again! Sunday’s show is Red Fang’s last U.S. date until Memorial Day weekend, when they play Sasquatch. Catch ’em while you can!