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What’s Going On: 07/02 – 07/09

What’s Going On: 07/02 – 07/09

1. The Notwist, Jel
Where: Wonder Ballroom
How Much: $18/20
When: Thursday, July 3rd – 8pm
Why: After disappearing for years, German-based The Notwist is making a rare Portland stop backing their latest album, Close To The Glass. The long awaited tunes are up to snuff with their “old” electronic indie dance-grooves.

2. 4th of July aka Freedom Day
Where: Everywhere
How Much: $FREE
When: Friday, July 4th
Why: Because AMERICA!

2b. Free Shows Independence Day & Eve
Where: Dig A Pony
How Much: $FREE
When: Thursday, July 3 – Friday, July 4th
Why: (Thurs) Aan, Thanks, New Move, Strange Babes. (Fri) Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Summer Cannibals, Eyelids, Freaky Outty & Maxx Bass. You know why.

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3. Phox, Joseph
Where: Mississippi Studios
How Much: $10/12
When: Saturday, July 5th – 9pm
Why: Phox’s sound, in the words of ELEVEN’s Eric Evans, “… can juxtapose dixieland with folk with heavy rock grooves. It careens from sound to sound, somehow balancing Mumfordy rock-folk elements, whistling, handclap percussion, and hints of ‘70s sitcom themes in harmony with Monica Martin’s breathy yet soulful vocals, which themselves flirt with comparison with everyone from Alison Krauss to Roberta Flack. This description might make it seem like a mess, but what they do sounds effortless, organic, singular, and new.