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What’s Going On: 12/21-12/28

What’s Going On: 12/21-12/28

1.  Sons Of Huns w/ Mongoloid Village & The Ax
Where:  Doug Fir
How Much:  $6
When:  Wednesday, December 21st –9pm
Why:  A delicious mid-week treat! Emanating unabashedly raw energy and down right killer tunes is garage-accented rock’n’roll trio, Sons Of Huns. These dudes know how to bring it all the time, every time.  For a mere $6, come see what all the ruckus is about!

2.  Hawkeye w/ 1776 & The Shivas
Where:  Backspace
How Much:  $6
When:  Thursday, December 22nd –9pm
Why:  It’s time to let yourself fall down the rabbit hole and get lost in the psychedelic haze of not one, not two, but three fantastic bands!  Featuring swirling guitars, super-sonic fuzz, and 60s pop-infused riffs—you won’t know what hit you, but you’ll definitely dig it.

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3.  Best Supporting Actress w/ Hooded Hags & Tiny Knives
Where:  Club 21
How Much:  Free!
When:  Friday, December 23rd –9pm
Why:  Starting as a duo in 2008, BSA self-recorded and self-released a few tapes while playing shows around town with the likes of Explode Into Colors and Guidance Counselor. This year they added bass into the mix and laid down some noisy bubblegum rock tracks with Kennel Jitters recordings.  Get there and buy it!