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What’s Going On: 9/1 – 9/7

What’s Going On: 9/1 – 9/7

1.  Nathan Trueb (of Tango Alpha Tango) w/Chris Marshall & The August Light, Shane Tutmarc
Where:  Doug Fir
How Much: $7 (21+)
When:  Thursday, September 1 – 9pm
Why:  August 2011 PDX Paragons Tango Alpha Tango’s front man Nathan Trueb goes it alone joining two other class acts for a special night of singer/songwriter performances. I saw Nathan play solo at a house party one time – when he started playing, the audience was sitting quietly, cross-legged on the living room floor with hands folded, but by the end of the set the whole house was up in a dancing frenzy and he completely turned the mother out. Seriously amazing energy.

2.  School of Rock Presents: Modern Prog
Where:  Branx
How Much: $15 (All Ages – Bar w/ID)
When:  Saturday, September 3 – 4pm
Why:  Students from School of Rock will be performing some super technical and difficult covers of some of todays leading progressive rock bands. These kids will put you to shame!

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3.  Labelmates – Local Record Label Celebration
Where:  Holocene
How Much: Free (21+)
When:  Wednesday, September 7 – 8pm
Why:  Holocene will be hosting a party to celebrate and educate about Portland’s locally owned record labels. There will be talks conducted by label owners, music video screenings of local bands, and a meet and greet with local performers and label owners as well as the opportunity to buy media and merch. If all this wasn’t enough, there will also be music from several local DJs and live performances from local bands Archers (one of Eleven’s September 2011 PDX Paragons) and Adventures! With Might.