Welcome to the cinematic dreamscape of Ambar Lucid

At Holocene on September 17th, everyone stayed put between sets in anticipation of the main…

Julia Logue breaks down the walls in the video for her new single, “Fort.”

“Fort,” the new single from Julia Logue tells a story of two selves. The music…

Kyle Morton

When he’s not covering The Boss with his lovely wife, he runs shows and manages payroll for one of the most well-regarded venues in town, Mississippi Studios.

Show Preview: CHAI at Holocene

The members of CHAI may embrace cuteness in their music, but they also pack a…

Video Premiere: Plastic Weather – “Doppelgänger”

Is synth-punk a thing? You bet your imaginative ass it is. 


These two New Yorkers take on hip-hop with the assertive nature of a deity, in topic and in tone.

Love Warrior
Frankie Simone (EP Release) @ Holocene 5/31/18

Soulful, dancy, energetic, this powerful lineup may very well turn out the best show at Holocene in 2018.

Alex Wiley

From the underground to the main stage, Alex Wiley’s considerable lyrical versatility continues to mature and expand in his newest project. See him at Holocene on April 27.

Xenia Rubinos

Xenia Rubinos will take you on a high-energy cultural journey through an eclectic blend of influences inspired by her Puerto Rican and Cuban heritage. See her live on March 20 at Holocene.


Sinless celebrates the release of its new EP this Sunday at Holocene. This month, we catch up with the band’s singer and songwriter Cor Allen to discuss moving to Portland on a lark and how he overcame anxiety in a new music scene.