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Anberlin @ Showbox at the Market

Anberlin @ Showbox at the Market

I’m getting older and bands I’ve listened to throughout the years are starting to call it quits and disappear. There have been dramatic fallouts and hiatus after hiatus with some bands just dragging out the inevitable but Anberlin is not that band. Instead they are gracefully bowing out to do other things.


I had the chance to catch the final shows in Seattle. Before the show I had a fraction of a conversation with Nate who I learned was super into coffee and would be opening up a coffee shop in Florida. He was also having a wonderful time checking out different coffee shops in the Pacific Wonderland.


The Seattle show was at the Showbox at the Market, which is probably my favorite venue in Seattle right now. It’s beautiful inside with two sweeping bar areas with an intimate feel as well as the ability to actually see what’s happening on stage. Local band, The Weather, opened and started to set the mood for a very memorable show with a very mixed reaction from the crowd.


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I remember back in 2003 when I was too young to drive so my older, cooler friend drove me around. She burned me a copy of Blueprints for the Black Market and we would listen to it as we drove to practice. I was into it by the time I heard the “Love Song” cover and kept up with the band ever since. So it was sad to see the band play their final show in Seattle but despite it being their final show it was explosive and energetic as ever. The crowd felt like a unit all in it together saying our farewell to the band in person, but not to the music itself which will always be in my Spotify playlists. All of my favorite songs were played and I was surrounded by friends both old and new. It was a beautiful night and I was lucky enough to catch the next show in Portland too.