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Sir Sly @ El Rey Theatre

Sir Sly @ El Rey Theatre

I happened to be in LA and I figured since I was down here I needed to hit up some shows. Last night Sir Sly had a hometown show at the El Rey to kick off their tour.

I got there just in time to catch PAPA, a recently turned one man band also from Los Angeles, bust out a few last songs to the crowd. After his set ended the curtain was drawn while the stage was set for Sir Sly. I hadn’t seen Sir Sly since 2014 when they came to the Crystal Ballroom with MOTHXR which was far too long to go without seeing this band.

The three piece band emerged with a glowing brain behind them like in the music video for their latest single “High”. The indie alt-rock band put on an incredibly memorable show playing a mix of songs from You Haunt Me as well as new singles from the new album that was just released today Don’t You Worry, Honey. Landon spoke of the rough year he’s had with his mother’s passing and a divorce. Before I knew it Landon was letting us know it was time for the last song and continued to perform “Gold” while the entire crowd sang along and danced.

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After that the band came back for the encore which was the last song off the new album “Oh Mama” a somber melodic song about Landon’s mom with a sample of a voicemail from her that probably broke the hearts of everyone in the room. After leaving us with that Landon was like I’m going to do something that’s probably really stupid. I’m going to play a song twice as he was like “Who’s this motherfucker think he is? Kanye West?” and started to play “High” again.

Honestly the show went by so fast I would have been fine if they played a few more songs twice because the show was so good. I hopefully won’t let 3 more years pass before I see this band perform again and you can also be sure to check them out September 2nd at McMenamin’s Edgefield with Foster The People. You won’t want to miss it.