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The Wombats w/ The Postelles @ Wonder Ballroom 11/10/11

The Wombats w/ The Postelles @ Wonder Ballroom 11/10/11

The Wonder Ballroom is quickly becoming my favorite place to go to shows. Thursday November 10th was The Static Jacks, The Postelles, and The Wombats.

The Static Jacks opened up the show with an energetic set, yelling away teenage inhibition and angst on stage. The quartet from Jersey is slowly gaining momentum in the indie rock scene, newly signed to Fearless Records last summer, and their debut on Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit. The Static Jacks are catchy and full of aggression.

I don’t know if Daniel Balk, front man for The Postelles was trying to seduce me that night – but he succeeded. That man works a mic stand and guitar like a dream. The Postelle’s choruses were catchy and their verses endearing, delivering a sound reminiscent of early 90’s rock. They kept the energy alive from The Static Jacks electric set and helped the evening build up completely to The Wombats.


The Wombats’ synth driven rock and honest, straight off the chest lyrics rocked my face off; mainly due to the fact that they are a three piece. The lead singer/guitar player Matthew went back and forth from synth to guitar seamlessly, while not missing a beat singing wise. They remind me of an Indie Rock version of  Less Than Jake, in the sense that their songs about their hometown make you feel like you know exactly what they’re talking about. “I’m back in Liverpool and everything seems the same.” We’ve all felt that way, and their lyrics became more relatable as the set continued. Taking breaks from melting faces with their attractive accents, they kept up a good level of banter with the audience, talking about the time they spent in Portland, and how they spoke with some professors in the park blocks, and how they really enjoy the Northwest a great deal, mainly.  Great audience interaction, energetic stage presence, and synth hooks that kept me humming on the bus ride home? It’s mutual, dudes. We like you too.

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