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“Ellipsis” by Biffy Clyro

“Ellipsis” by Biffy Clyro

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When faced with the assignment of reviewing a band named Biffy Clyro, and looking upon the album cover to find three grown men completely naked in the fetal position I was admittedly caught in the self-righteous dilemma of judging a book by its cover. “What the fuck is this?!” And not in an intrigued, interested way.

After listening to Ellipsis by the Scottish trio, I was able to admit this is a reasonably decent album. They have very few pretentions about them. What is surprising and somewhat astonishing is their ability to take all of the introspective, haywire confusion that we all go through on a daily basis, then transform it into an extroverted expression that nails our collective chaos right on the head.

The sound is a collection of upbeat, slightly punk, rock ‘n’ roll, dancy, indie rock with just enough hard-edged timing that adds some much needed style. “Wolves of Winter” kicks off the album with a roaring optimism. “Re-arrange” is actually a really well executed and thought-out love song that even the most jaded of us can appreciate. “On A Bang” is relatively hard and dancey at the same time, and sounds like the Foo Fighters if they were really cool. Hard task to pull off. »

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– Ellis Samsara